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Bluetooth device worthy of Isadora Duncan

Iqua Snake 2 Bluetooth phone

Iqua has made a Bluetooth bar (for lack of a better word) phone that attaches to the back of your car's headrest.

Iqua Snake2 HHF-601

The L-shaped device allows users to be hands-free, and free of an ear piece in their ear, while driving and talking on a cell phone. As Gearfuse points out, the headset does offer stereo speakers. The $179 phone has a battery worth 10 hours of talk time, 650 hours of standby and comes in black or silver.

Sorry, but we just don't see Iqua's reasoning behind the Iqua Snake2 HHF-601. Wouldn't a device like this decapitate you in a side impact? Or at least slightly choke your jugular vein?

It's kind of like wearing a really long, white silk scarf around your neck while driving in a convertible. No one ever expects to get it caught in the rear axle, but you are just asking for trouble.

There are many adequate Bluetooth device alternatives that do not involve bars sticking out next to your neck.

Smoothtalker, Samsung and Motorola also offer hands-free car kits that provide a visor mic/speaker wired to a cell phone cradle. Placing your cell phone in the dock turns it into a speaker phone. Many of these kits even offer voice activation to avoid the distraction of dialing.