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Bluetooth 2.2 to be released in mid-2009

Bluetooth 2.2 promises a new specification called High Speed Bluetooth, that will work in conjunction with your phone's Wi-Fi/UWB capabilities for faster file transfer, video streaming, and more.

Bluetooth 2.2 to debut next year.

According to the analysts over at IMS Research, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) will release a new version of Bluetooth in mid-2009, tentatively dubbed Bluetooth 2.2. Bluetooth 2.2 promises to be much faster than previous versions, allowing transfer rates at higher speeds.

The new High Speed Bluetooth specification will work in conjunction with WLAN or USB for improved data rates, and will be known as Bluetooth 10x and Bluetooth 100x, respectively. It will hopefully allow for wireless video streaming, wireless printing, and more. For this to work, your cell phone will have to have WLAN or UWB radio. It's said that Bluetooth 10x will be used first, since a lot of handsets have Wi-Fi capabilities now.

Since we don't have any news of devices that will use this new Bluetooth specification, we can't tell if it delivers its promises. But once we have some compatible devices on hand, we'll try it out and let you know.

UPDATE 12/05/08: The Bluetooth SIG just contacted us to let us know the new Bluetooth profile will NOT be called Bluetooth 2.2. We've also updated the source of this story, as it was inaccurate previously.