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Blue Titan introduces data-tracking tool

The company introduces a product for collecting data from Web services applications.

Blue Titan Software introduced on Monday a product for collecting data from Web services applications. Data Director is designed to monitor network traffic and store information, such as security policies, logs of events or the contents of XML messages. The collected data can be used to analyze the performance of applications or to monitor the flow of transactions through a corporation's systems.

Blue Titan is aiming Data Director at businesses with widescale Web services applications, based on a services oriented architecture. A financial services firm, for example, could use Data Director to monitor whether a miscalculation occurred in a transaction. Based on that event, the software can immediately send an alert to an administrator, or start another program to deal with the problem. Some customers are now testing the product, which costs about $100,000 and will be available this summer. Blue Titan said it will provide development tools with Data Director, including integration with the MySQL open source database.