Blue Titan adds scale to SOA toolkit

Network Director 3 adds tools to better spot errors in network traffic and to ease the management of thousands of Web services.

Blue Titan, a small infrastructure software company, on Monday released an update to Network Director. The server software, used to manage applications built around a services-oriented architecture, is designed to share information between programs better and so make it easier to run large-scale Web services set-ups.

Network Director 3 introduces tools that promise to better spot errors in network traffic and administration tools meant to ease the management of hundreds or thousands of Web services. The update will be able to transport network data using third-party integration software based on XML and Java standards, called an enterprise service bus, Blue Titan said. The server software can also run in conjunction with Java application servers from other providers, including open-source versions and IBM's WebSphere. Previously, the software ran only on BEA Systems' WebLogic.