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Blue Origin sticks historic rocket landing -- let's go to space, y'all (Tomorrow Daily 277)

Ashley discusses why Blue Origin's rocket landing is a great moment for the commercial space industry, how scientists are teaching robots to decline commands from humans and what led a children's hospital to collaborate with a Hollywood effects company.

Blue Origin founder (and founder/CEO of Amazon) Jeff Bezos is celebrating a major commercial space milestone today, after Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket lifted off into space...and then gently touched back down onto Earth, making it the first potentially reusable rocket in history. That would mean greatly reduced costs for any company or organization looking to send supplies or people into space, which we're definitely looking forward to.

Tufts University is working on teaching robots to disobey human commands. Before you get scared, though, Tufts is working on the project in a way that would likely benefit humans: if a robot felt a command was not appropriate, it would explain why it couldn't complete a task, giving the human an opportunity to modify, change or cancel the request.

Lastly, Boston Children's Hospital is working alongside an unlikely collaborator to help surgery simulations: a Hollywood special effects studio. Fractured FX is currently creating realistic body parts, organs and more for surgeons to practice on before performing major procedures on real people, giving doctors the chance to get a feel for how the surgery should go before ever opening up a human being.

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277: Blue Origin sticks historic rocket landing -- let's go to space, y'all

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