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Blue Man Group's 'Game of Thrones' song celebrates Hodor

The Blue Man Group expresses its kinship with gentle giant Hodor with a peppy cover of the "Game of Thrones" theme done with PVC pipe instruments.

Blue Man Group
The Blue Man Group wants Hodor back. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

The theme song for "Game of Thrones" is just so darn catchy. It's inspired a wealth of creative cover versions from a wine-glass rendition to a bell-tower serenade at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. There's a little bit of Las Vegas flair entering the fray as the Blue Man Group offers up its own take on the music in celebration of the Season 5 premiere arriving on HBO April 12.

The Blue Man Group's version of the theme involves three blue-clad members, tons of tubular instruments, paddles, a driving rhythm and splashing liquid flying about. The name "Hodor" flashes down in a bright digital display.

The blue-faced performance group is known for its nontraditional instruments. It's also known for not talking, so it's no wonder the group feels a kinship with Hodor, the "Thrones" character who speaks only a single word ("Hodor").

The YouTube description for the theme song video reads, "Blue Man Group's vow of silence to remain in place until Hodor's status in season 5 is confirmed." That's a reference to the news that Hodor and his buddy Bran Stark won't be appearing in Season 5.

Even if Hodor magically makes a cameo appearance, don't expect that to prompt the Blue Man Group into suddenly becoming erudite conversationalists during their shows. Like with Hodor, it's more about actions than words.