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Insanely heavy blue jeans stand up all on their own

Meet what may be the world's heaviest pair of jeans, a 38-ounce fashion monster that is more armor than pants.

If you have a pair of jeans handy, hold them up so the cuffs touch the ground. Now let go. They probably ended up in a heap on the floor because they're not a pair of Viapiana's 38-ounce monster denim jeans. Thailand jeans maker Ben Viapiana took on the ridiculous challenge of fashioning the indigo pants from a material that's more like plate armor than fabric.

The jeans, brought to our attention by Reddit's raw denim group, are so heavy, they can stand up all on their own. For contrast, a lot of off-the-rack jeans use 12-ounce or lighter fabric. This is determined by the weight per square yard. Viapiana sourced the denim from a specialty mill in Pakistan.

Denim fans sometimes tackle super-heavyweight pants as a way to challenge themselves to withstand the chafing and brutal break-in period in a quest for awesome custom fade lines.

Viapiana doesn't plan to put the beastly jeans into production. "They took too long to make and I still haven't found machines that can actually handle the denim properly," he says. He does leave the door cracked, saying that if he can find a machine that can process the denim, he would consider making a few pairs to sell.

If you can't wait for that Holy Grail to appear, you can always check out a much more attainable pair of Naked & Famous 32-ounce Japanese selvedge denim jeans. And remember: no pants-pain, no pants-gain.