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Blu-ray on a budget: Asus F50SV-A2 reviewed

While it's a Blu-ray-equipped 16-inch laptop with good gaming muscle, the Asus F50SV-A2's design left us cold.

Big, gray, and Blu-ray: the Asus F50SV-A2.

Sixteen-inch laptops comprise a growing category, perhaps because they sit between the semiportable, 15-inch, mainstream systems and the heavy, 17- and 18-inch models that are essentially desk-bound machines with hinged screens.

The $1,249 Asus F50SV-A2 ($1,149 for base configuration with less RAM) packs a Blu-ray drive and a new mainstream Nvidia graphics chip into a relatively on-the-go package that's lighter than gaming beasts, but heavier than a standard laptop.

Our review found it solidly performing, but a little lacking on the design and features front. Are 16-inch systems worth the compromise between mainstream and hardcore desktop-replacing performance? And how does it compare with another recently reviewed (but Blu-ray-free) 16-incher, the Lenovo IdeaPad Y650?

Read our full review of the Asus F50SV-A2 to find out.