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Blondes, redheads, brunettes, and one 'Umbrella'

Rihanna, Blonde Redhead, and Charlotte Gainsbourg star in this week's Best New Music video

Have your heard Rihanna yet? She of "Umbrella" fame, her hit collab with Jay-Z that's been all over the charts, radio, and Web lately. You can stream it for free on Download Music--and this week she's also the star of our ongoing Best New Music video report, a collaboration with our buddies over at CNET TV. Watch and listen as Anngie Dehoyos gives the lowdown on what makes the song so gosh-darn great. Then catch Peter Gavin's take on indie heroes Blonde Redhead and my own shakedown on the haunting new album from Charlotte Gainsbourg, daughter of French icon Serge and a well-known film actress to boot (think Science of Sleep).