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Blog accuses Digg of internally 'burying' stories

Pronet Advertising blogger Neil Patel claims that the social news site pulled one of the blog's posts and made it look like users had buried it.

Social news aggregator Digg prides itself on how much control its users have over the site's content, something that was reiterated earlier this month when Digg ultimately with a takedown notice pertaining to a story that contained a crack for HD DVD's digital rights management. Users of Digg can also opt to "bury" stories, giving the thumbs-down to submissions that they don't think deserve to be displayed on the site.

But according to a post Monday on the Pronet Advertising blog, blogger Neil Patel accused Digg of pulling an earlier post from the same blog and masking it as a user-generated "bury." His rationale is that the post in question didn't appear in a list of "bury" commands from that day--data that Digg makes public.

Additionally, Patel quotes a Twitter post from blogger Stefan Juhl in order to back up his speculation that Digg may be pulling the strings. In the post, Juhl says that he "got buried by Digg... not the community, but digg... last referrer before buried was crawl3.digg.internal."

Digg was not immediately available for comment.