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Block specific Web site results from Google searches in Chrome

Looking for something specific but the same Web sites keep coming up in your Google Search results? Check out this Chrome extension to block the results you don't want to see anymore.

Google Search homepage. Google

When searching Google for something such as a specific product, it's likely you have come across a content farming Web site or 10. These sites are meant to draw you in to click on their ads or buy their products, which are usually unrelated to the topic or item you were searching for to begin with.

To combat this issue, Google created a Personal Blocklist extension for its Chrome Web browser. The idea behind the extension is to help users easily block content-farming Web sites easily, so they can find what they are actually looking for. Here's how to get started with it:

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

First you'll want to install a copy of Personal Blocklist by Google into your Chrome browser.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

Next, perform a search for something on the Web via Google. You may notice a new blue link next to the search results on Google. A simple click on the blue link will block that Web site from showing up in your search results on Google again.

Keep in mind, this extension is a Personal Blocklist. This means that if you go to another computer, those Web sites will reappear in your search results unless you export your settings from the computer on which you blocked them. 

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

You can check, edit, and delete blocked domains by clicking on the Personal Blocklist extension button in the toolbar of Chrome. This button can also serve as a method for blocking the site you're currently viewing.

In the future, Google may use these settings to help filter out frequently blocked Web sites automatically, but for now, there's Personal Blocklist.

Which Web sites do you think are the biggest offenders when it comes to content farming and useless search results? Tell us in the comments!