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Blizzard alerts press to prep for StarCraft II beta

Blizzard notifies press to prepare for the StarCraft II beta.

Update: Blizzard informs us that if you'd like to a chance to be selected for the StarCraft II beta, this FAQ on Starcraft2.com has all the details.

Blizzard Entertainment sent out an e-mail this weekend imploring media members to set up an account with Battle.net, Blizzard's multiplayer service, in anticipation of the Starcraft II beta program. StarCraft II, of course, is the sequel to StarCraft, the wildly successful, still-popular 1998 sci-fi strategy game for the PC. Blizzard has set a Q4 2009 release window for the upcoming sequel, and a summer beta program would seem to be on track with that time frame.

StarCraft II beta program opening up soon. GameSpot

Blizzard's e-mail had no date for when the beta was going to hit, nor, sadly, did it mention anything about how the general gaming public might participate. At least Blizzard is placing no restrictions on reporting on the beta experience once it does go live. You can expect a flood of details and new media from the game as soon as the beta doors open.