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Bling it! Super-extravagant smartphones and tablets

Got a million dollars to spare? Crave kicks off a series on the ultimate luxury entertainment with a look at some of the most opulent mobile tech around.

Who said iPhones had to be affordable?
Stuart Hughes

Close your eyes and imagine money. Lots and lots of money. Stacks and stacks and bags and briefcases full of... oh, you get the picture.

Now, imagine you were to possess such vast sums of cash. What would you do with it? Update your antiquated wardrobe? Purchase a new home or 5? Bid on a space date with Leo DiCaprio? Write a check for a $15 million black-diamond iPhone? Yes, there is such a thing; you can find out more about it in the gallery below.

Over the weeks to come, we'll take a look at some of the most ultra-luxurious tech out there, starting with a few seriously blinged-out smartphones and tablets. Some of the grandiose gadgets you'll see in this week's collection might make you roll your eyes, while others might inspire you to pick up a few hundred extra hours at work.

Either way, put on your shades and get ready to stare into the face of some majorly bright and shiny gear. And be sure to check back on Crave every Tuesday for the next six weeks. We'll be bringing you lots more ultimate luxury entertainment in the form of lavish home theater setups, deluxe cars, and lots more. Now if you'll excuse us, our Lamborghini Egoista awaits.