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Blended iPhone up on eBay

Get the dust and a blender from the "Will it Blend?" video.

Who needs a $100,000 iPhone from eBay when you can get a pile of dust instead? The metallic remains of the iPhone from the notorious Will It Blend video are now up on the auction Web site, along with a brand new Blendtec Total blender and a Will It Blend T-shirt and DVD.

The video, which has now been seen by over a million people since its debut two days ago features Blendtec founder Tom Dickson pulverizing a brand new iPhone into a pile of dust and twisted metal. It's part of a viral marketing campaign for Blendtec blenders (which start at $400) to show how easily they destroy frappe various objects from electronic devices, all the way to EZ Cheese.

The auction currently has 39 bids and is on its way to passing the $600 mark. You could be the first person on your block to own the first-ever iPhone that doubles as a carcinogen.

Get your very own iPhone in dust form. CNET Networks