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Blame the Mac for Firefox's Release Candidate 3

The Mac put a speedbump in front of Firefox's next release, but in the grand scheme of Mozilla, it's so minor as to be meaningless.

Mac freak that I am, it is with shame that I admit that it's all Apple's fault that Mozilla had to issue another Release Candidate for Firefox 3. No, it won't have any impact on the final release date, which is still scheduled for June 17. But it makes me ashamed that the Mac, and not Windows, had the last-minute problem.

Sniff. Sniff. There. Now I feel better.

As for any of you out there who have yet to download Firefox 3, please do so. Now. Yes, you can wait until Tuesday for the final release, but if you're still languishing in Firefox 2, you really owe it to yourself to upgrade to 3. Even in beta it's amazingly better than 2. Super fast. Great UI. Etc.

If all open-source projects could be like Mozilla...there would be no more proprietary software. John, Mitchell, and comp...err, Foundation: How about it? How about giving us a better email experience? Oh, wait. Already doing that. How about a mobile browser? Check that one, too. What about taking over IM? Aha! Found one that you hadn't thought of yet.