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Blade Runner umbrellas for the cyberpunk set

Japanese retailer Sirobako is selling Blade Runner-style LED umbrellas that light up in rainbow colors. Perfect for hunting replicants.


With only nine years to go before 2019, Japanese online retailer Sirobako is selling Blade Runner-style LED umbrellas to help you turn Los Angeles into the dystopian nightmare it aspires to be.

We've seen LED brollies before, but none as downright cyberpunk as the Rainbow Flash LED. It's enough to make you want to run out and retire a replicant.

As seen in the video below, the Rainbow Flash lights up in seven colors and can pulsate in various patterns and speeds. Of course, if you're walking down one of those crime-scene streets lined with neon and trash, choose plain white for the full BR effect.

The umbrella LEDs run on three AAA batteries in the handle, which is also a flashlight that shines on the ground (it's great for rummaging through a handbag or briefcase in a dark alley--preferably with bluesy Vangelis synths in the background).

If used for two hours a day, the batteries will last for about 12 days, according to Sirobako.

The Rainbow Flash sells for about $16 in Japan (there's even a model for kids). Curiously, Sirobako is touting it as a practical device that can help drivers see pedestrians at night, and not a must-have sci-fi accessory.

Move on. Move on. Move on...

Thanks Matt.