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Blacksmith forges Minecraft diamond sword from steel

In the world of Minecraft, you can buy a sword from a villager blacksmith or craft one yourself. Armorer Tony Swatton chose to make one for himself. A real one.

Diamond sword
Behold, the diamond sword!
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Armorer Tony Swatton wasn't content to stop at ax-sharp Batarangs. Nope, he had to go and forge a Minecraft diamond sword in his blazing hot blacksmith workshop of awesomeness. Somebody get that man a cold beverage, because he's on geek fire!

While Minecraft has multiple levels of swords, starting with wood, Swatton went with the highest level, diamond. It's all documented in sweaty, fiery detail in his YouTube series, Man at Arms.

Creating a real-life Minecraft sword presents some interesting challenges. For starters, it doesn't have the clean edges of a katana or broadsword. It's all blocky like just about everything else in the game. "I never play video games, so when this was brought to me to make, I thought this would be a challenging build," Swatton says.

It took a band saw, a furnace set at 1500 degrees, a power hammer, and a belt grinder to get the steel sheet into the right shape. Don't try this at home, kids. For the grip, Swatton used ebony and cocobolo wood to create the pixelated grip, with a nickel frame to hold it all together.

The resulting diamond sword looks like it popped out of the Minecraft world, right down to the blue color. The cubist design leads Swatton to admit it's not the most comfortable tool to hold. "It's going to hurt the person holding the sword almost as much as what you're whacking with it," he says.

That doesn't stop Swatton's team from taking the completed sword for a test drive, where it makes short work of soda bottles, a watermelon, and re-creations of Minecraft objects. Enjoy.