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BlackBerry teases Super Bowl ad with colorful, um, something

In attempt to get you excited about the Super Bowl ad for its Z10, BlackBerry tweets a still from the ad. But what is it?

Is Alicia Keys somewhere in there?

You know it's going to be wonderful. Or terrible. Or just dull.

Yes, I'm talking about the Super Bowl. But I'm also talking about BlackBerry's new ad for its Z10 smartphone that will debut during Sunday's game.

BlackBerry doesn't have a florid history with respect to advertising. Can you even remember one BlackBerry ad that moved you to anything other than obliviousness?

This time, though, it's going to be different. Perhaps.

So, as reports, the brand formerly known as RIM today tweeted one still frame from its forthcoming ad.

It was accompanied by the words: "Whaaat is going on?! You'll see Sunday. #BlackBerry10."

Amateur film buffs and psychologists will immediately try to decipher this strange visual cipher.

It looks like a multicolored explosion on a normal street.

It could be that BlackBerry will be preaching revolution, with hordes of BlackBerry T-shirted rioters storming the dull streets of America and adding color to their lives with happy smoke bombs.

It could be that, within those clouds of color, Alicia Keys, BlackBerry's new global creative director, awaits to appear like a genie and offer us a haiku to the merits of the Z10.

Or it could be that, when the cloud dissipates, there will appear a Canadian Mountie, ready to restore sensible, rational order, not merely to the smartphone market, but to the troubled, crime-torn streets of the United States.

Whatever happens, it's bound to be more exciting than having to watch one more self-aggrandizing, self-obsessed, self-unaware Ray Lewis dance.

One hopes.