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BlackBerry PlayBook root is just nasty cool

Research In Motion's tablet gets super user access using a tool with a name that's more blue than black: DingleBerry.

How can something so cool make me feel like a long shower?
Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Bloggers have a lot of fun with plays-on-words when it comes to BlackBerry, but at least one such pun has always been off limits. That is until today, now that a few hackers have forced my hand.

So, I'll just lay it all out there (please escort children and the easily offended away from the screen): The BlackBerry PlayBook has finally been rooted using something called DingleBerry.

Now that we have that little bit of nastiness out of the way, on to the cool part. The rooting tool is the, er, fruit of the collective efforts of Chris Wade and two other people known as neuralic and xpvqs who have been working on getting a super user pass to the PlayBook OS for many weeks now.

The lowbrow tool is not yet publicly available, but the hackers did post some video proof. The first one below offers a pretty simple demonstration, while the second one at the bottom shows Hulu re-enabled on the tablet (Hulu had blocked access from the tablet shortly after its launch).

(Via Engadget, Crackberry)