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BlackBerry Bold gets official release date, pricing

RIM announces that the BlackBerry Bold will be available from AT&T on November 4 for $299.99.

RIM BlackBerry Bold

This is it! This is the news we've been waiting for since May. On Wednesday, Research In Motion announced that the long-awaited RIM BlackBerry Bold will finally be available starting November 4 at AT&T for $299.99 with a two-year contract and after a mail-in rebate.

Though the smartphone was originally slated for a summer release, as we all painfully know, the Bold was delayed time and time again. Part of it was the lengthy carrier certification process and most recently, RIM said it held off on the release to make sure the 3G experience would be the best at launch (after witnessing the iPhone 3G debacle). Hey, whatever the story, we're just glad to know we can finally get our hands on this sucker in a couple of weeks.

So despite all the delays and with new devices already on the market, are you going to get one?