Black-as-night Doritos taste like garlic, ward off vampires

Forget nacho cheese and cool ranch. You need some garlic-flavored Doritos to power your vampire-fighting escapades.

I ain't afraid of no vampire.
Japan Frito-Lay

When I was a kid, I read "Dracula" and I insisted on keeping a small bowl of garlic cloves near my bed to keep the evil vampire away while I slept. Kids these days have fancier vampire-repellent options, like Japan Frito-Lay's garlic pepper-flavored Doritos chips.

Each chip is as dark as a moonless night and laden with garlic flavor. All you have to do is eat a bunch and then breathe in the direction of an attacking vampire to scare it off.

The chips are out in time for Halloween celebrations and feature a snarling vampire on the bag along with images of tombstones and bats. Nothing says "Snacktime!" like a creepy graveyard scene.

The garlic Doritos are available in Japan. If you live elsewhere and desperately want them for your Van Helsing lifestyle, then you'll have to order them through a retailer specializing in global delivery of Japanese treats. Or you could just smear some garlic and squid ink on regular Doritos and call it a day. Up to you.

(Via Geekologie)