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Twisted 'Black Mirror' season 3 trailer is a little too real

The sci-fi series that hits way too close to home is back with six new episodes on Netflix later this month.

Cult hit "Black Mirror," the British sci-fi anthology series that's creepy in a disturbingly believable way, is coming back for a third season this month on Netflix. The streaming service dropped the trailer for season 3 on Friday with glimpses of a handful of new dystopias that we could already be living through without even realizing it.

Netflix is taking over for the UK's Channel 4 to produce seasons 3 and 4 of the series, which so far has included just seven episodes. Each installment has a separate cast set in a different world, but always one that's not so different from our own, save for a few familiar technologies that have taken us in a disconcerting direction in the near future.

So far the show has featured one reality where video games are used to enslave the working class, and another that's set in what looks like the present day, except we're all implanted with chips that let us record and archive everything we see. That's just to name two. No need to get into the really unsettling episode involving a politician and a pig.

Season 3, which hits Netflix on October 21, looks to take us to similar places that aren't too hard to imagine by exploring prescient topics ranging from the parallel "reality" of social media to surveillance and including more storylines involving the future of gaming and violence.