Black Lives Matter

Commentary: Please join our sister sites in fundraising and reflection to help address racism.

CNET staff
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Black Lives Matter protest
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The past several days have once again exposed the racial inequalities in the United States, and Americans across the country have stood up to condemn acts of racism, discrimination and senseless violence, particularly against our black colleagues, friends and family.

CNET and our parent company, ViacomCBS, support those efforts. And we now join with other content creators, audiences, partners and colleagues in understanding that turning words into action is the only way to drive change.

That's why we're highlighting the fundraising efforts that our sister site, GameSpot, launched today to help raise money for initiatives supporting Black Lives Matter, in addition to the original goal of endorsing relief efforts for COVID-19 frontline medical workers.

GameSpot Play For All 2020

Called "Play For All," the program will offer more than 100 hours of live and on-demand programming featuring gaming news, previews and interviews that will be streamed on GameSpot, as well as across GameSpot's YouTube, Facebook and Twitter channels. As part of this multi-week effort, GameSpot's audience will be encouraged to support both Direct Relief and Black Lives Matter.

"'Play For All' was built on bringing the gaming community together and leveraging our passion and solidarity to benefit those in need. It feels right that we should extend our fundraising efforts to include those fighting against the systemic injustices faced by black people in America, along with supporting Direct Relief's COVID-19 efforts aiding front-line medical workers," GameSpot said in a statement Monday. "We'll be using our platform to raise money for both Direct Relief and Black Lives Matter."

If you're looking for ways to take immediate action, BET, part of the ViacomCBS family, has put together a list of organizations you can contribute to, as well as resources to learn more about systemic racism. 

Join CNET, GameSpot, BET and ViacomCBS in supporting black people and communities. Black lives matter. Black culture matters. Black communities matter.