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Best Black Friday news ever? Humane Society runs out of pets

Waiving adoption fees completely clears out the Indianapolis Humane Society's stock of cats and dogs.

In what might be the most heartwarming piece of Black Friday news, well, ever, the Indianapolis Humane Society announced Sunday that it had completely run out of animals waiting to be adopted. The group posted photos showing lines winding down the street in front of the adoption center, as well as photos of crowds inside.

The lines aren't surprising, because the shelter waived regular fees for animal adoptions from Black Friday through Cyber Monday as part of the "Home for the Pawlidayz" deal.

Waiving fees isn't uncommon at shelters, but the Indianapolis shelter was able to do so without taking a loss due to a partnership with and Best Friends Animal Society. Select shelters across the nation are also participating, and you can search for a location near you on Zappos' site.

Some on social media worried the lack of fees would result in animals being adopted by people who wouldn't take good care of them.

"Please know that our staff will still be doing our usual screening process before issuing any adoptions," a shelter representative responded on Facebook. "No adoption is guaranteed! We always want to make sure we are doing our best to make perfect matches! It is our goal to ensure that each animal adopted will be matched with the most compatible family, and our adoption counselors spend as much time as needed with each patron to make sure it's a good fit for everyone involved -- the animals and our patrons!"

By Monday afternoon, new animals for adoption were available.