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Bite this bizarre Batman tribute burger from McDonald's

McDonald's Hong Kong celebrates the Justice League with a Batman burger that looks more like something the Penguin would indulge in.

Diner double beef burger
Take a bat-bit out of this bat-burger. Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Overseas fast-food chains are cornering the geek market. KFC Japan created a slew of fried-chicken-themed computer and smartphone accessories, while Burger King Japan came out with a black burger sporting black cheese. Not to be outdone, McDonald's Hong Kong has called in the Justice League and kicked off the celebration with a Batman burger.

You might think a Batman burger would have a black bun, but that's not the case. The burger is called the diner double beef, because whenever you think of Batman, you think of diners and twice as much beef as normal. The burger comes stocked with a mysterious white sauce, two beef patties, a slice of yellow cheese, a fried egg and what appears to be steak sauce with some unknown white objects sticking out. Maybe those are onions.

McDonald's Hong Kong is also associating Batman with a side dish called squeezy cheesy fries, a combination of squeeze-cheese, bacon bits and french fries. It's the kind of food that's probably not allowed in superhero diets, lest it sap them of their strength and cause them to get squeezy-cheesy fat. It's probably also delicious.

The suggested drink to accompany your Bat-burger is a tall, cold glass of sparkling green-apple tea. The best part of the whole promotion (besides the DIY cheese-squeezing) is the presentation. If you order the burger, it gets served up in a Batman-head box so his steely gaze can stare at you while you snarf down your food.

The Batman burger appears to be just the beginning ("Batman Burger Begins!"). The Flash, Superman and Green Lantern appear to be waiting in the wings for their own tribute burgers. If I were in charge of those burgers, I would create a hot-chile burger for Flash, a veggie burger for Green Lantern and a quadruple beef burger for Superman.

(Via Geekologie)