Biscotti TV Phone: Google video chat goes big screen

Bring Google video and voice chat to your living room with the Biscotti TV Phone videoconferencing solution. Now you can chat up your relatives in HD from a safe distance.

Those are some cheery Google-chatting grandparents.

Your television's job description is about to get bigger. The Biscotti TV Phone is a gadget that turns the focal point of your living room into a home videoconferencing solution.

Biscotti is a small device that hooks up to your TV through HDMI. It includes a remote control to add to your remote control pile.

A 5-megapixel camera and speaker capture your image and voice, so you'll want to think twice before plunking down in front of the television wearing a velour track suit and curlers.

Calls are free to other Biscotti phones and to computers, tablets, and smartphones that support Google voice and video.

Biscotti is compatible with most cable and satellite boxes. You can receive calls while watching your "Babylon 5" reruns and choose whether or not to interrupt your riveting viewing experience.

The system is pretty accommodating when it comes to your Wi-Fi speeds. It can work with uplink speeds as low as 256Kbps, but kicks in with true high-definition at speeds of 1Mbps and up.

Biscotti costs $199 and has no monthly fees. To get the most out it, you'll probably want to pick up two and give one to your grandparents or that moody teenager who never comes out of his room.

Biscotti TV Phone
Here's a close-up of the set-top device and remote. Biscotti