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BinderPad iPad holder clips into three-ring binder

Slim iPad holder that sports a set of grommets along one side lets you clip your tablet into any three-ring binder. Is it convenience or stealth?

Binder Pad
This iPad holder lets you clip your tablet into a standard three-ring binder. ZooGue

It's a simple idea: an iPad holder that fits in a three-ring binder. Now you can carry your tablet computer like the paper it ostensibly replaces.

Or, to put it another way, you can spend $1.99 at your local office supply store and get a serviceable protective case for your iPad (once you've laid out the $29.99 for the binder-ready holder).

BinderPad is a slim polyester cover for your iPad. A tab along one edge has three grommets spaced to fit a standard three-ring binder. BinderPad's maker, ZooGue, is pitching the holder to students who are required to use tablet computers instead of textbooks.

Though, if you're required to have a tablet, you'd take notes on it. So you'd have less use for a binder filled with paper. And if you didn't need a binder, you could use any iPad holder. If you put your iPad in a binder, you'd lose the cool factor of being seen with one of the hottest gadgets on the planet. For all anyone you knows, you're carrying around an everyday binder. Of course, the appeal could be exactly that. As Gizmodo put it:

It's completely stealth so students can hide it in their binders and look like they're studying when they're actually on their iPad.

BinderPad makes it easy to customize your iPad case. You can choose different color binders to match your outfits, and you can slip artwork or photos under the binder's cover.

The company's promo video (see below) shows another use for the holder: hanging your iPad on hooks. Several other iPad holders let you hang your tablet on the wall, but require special hardware. BinderPad's grommets make it possible to use any old hooks, including hooks you might already have in place for, say, hanging potholders.

I have to say, though, that the promo video scene where someone uses a skillet with an iPad hanging right behind the stove has me shaking my head. Are they really suggesting I subject my iPad's screen to a splatter of hot grease?