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Binary Bits: London Stock Exchange meltdown and more

A look at other Microsoft headlines from across the Web, including Mesh Apps speculation and whether Microsoft is to blame for Monday's outage on the London bourse.

It's been a busy week for Microsoft and I wanted to briefly note some other items that are making headlines elsewhere.

First of all, Microsoft says it is helping the London Stock Exchange investigate what cased a massive trading meltdown on Monday. ZDNet blogger Mary Jo Foley notes that Microsoft is among a small list of major tech providers to the exchange, a list that also includes HP and Accenture.

Foley and Microsoft blogger Long Zheng also both have items on Live Mesh apps. Foley notes that creating Mesh Apps is some of what Ray Ozzie's Startup Labs team has been up to, while Zheng posts a look at a demo Mesh app Microsoft created for making to-do lists.

We're clearly going to hear more about Mesh apps at the October Professional Developer Conference, where Microsoft is expected to release tools to let outsiders create their own Live Mesh programs. I don't think its any surprise that Microsoft is going to want to have some programs out of the gate that show consumers and developers that it is something worth spending their time on.

Meanwhile the good folks at take note of an update to Photosynth as well as spotting a new Microsoft beta: Microsoft Phone Data Manager, which helps synchronize contacts with certain (particularly Windows Mobile) cell phones.