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Bill Nye the Science Guy to orbit on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Following the great, if not successful, tech tradition of Mark Cuban and Steve Wozniak, Bill Nye will be joining Snooki to strut his stuff.

Is he invincible?
Gillette/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The dead can't dance. Nerds are right behind them.

There is no knowing why. Yet one man who might finally be able to explain this is Bill Nye the Science Guy.

For he has agreed to be one of the participants in the next series of ABC's "Dancing With The Stars."

As with every aspect of humanity, tech has tried to muscle in on the art of dancing with a professional.

Its success has been limited.

Mark Cuban was first to try and performed nobly, but without ultimate aplomb.

Next came Steve Wozniak, whose Worm will never be forgotten, but not necessarily for its technical precision.

Described by judge Bruno Tonioli as "a Teletubby going mad," Woz gave the competition much character and not a little controversy when he questioned the voting system.

It's hard to imagine that Nye will do much better. Footage I've unearthed on YouTube (embedded above) shows that he might have some slight rhythm.

However, unless he truly has a hidden set of twinkling toes, he may find himself out of breath when compared with some of the athletes and actors -- the latter of whom might have appeared singing and dancing in a musical or two.

Still, he will have the privilege of competing alongside some true greats.

Not only is Jack Osbourne, son of the great Ozzy, competing, but so is renowned performer Nicole Polizzi.

You might know her better as Snooki.