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Bill Nye buys weed -- for science, of course

The science guy stops by CNET to talk about the mysteries of marijuana and season 2 of "Bill Nye Saves the World."

Bill Nye
Bill Nye Saves The World
Eddy Chen / Netflix

Bill Nye is back to save the world -- and buy some weed.

The champion of science explores the pros and cons of marijuana in season 2 of his Netflix series, "Bill Nye Saves the World," airing Dec. 29. 

In the first episode, Nye takes a trip through hemp history and buys marijuana from a dispensary in Hollywood. But alas, viewers won't be introduced to Bill Nye the High Guy. 

Nye stopped by CNET to talk about his thoughts on marijuana from the episode, along with other topics this season, including cybersecurity and time travel. Watch his interview below:

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The Emmy-nominated series launched in April and continues to feature celebrity guests for sketches, panels and in-the-field segments. 

But this season also includes a new segment called #BllMeetsScienceTwitter, showcasing the work from scientists around the world.