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Bill Nye, LeVar Burton in first White House Vine

The celebrities banded together for 6 seconds of joy on Twitter from the White House Science Fair.

Who needs a Reading Rainbow when you've got six seconds of rough cut footage?
Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

What do you get when you combine some celebrities with serious nerd cred and a few incomplete sentences? The first official Vine from the White House, of course!

Bill Nye the Science Guy, LeVar Burton, and uh, this other woman took a quick 6 seconds to welcome us all to the White House Science Fair in a Vine tweeted out from the official White House Twitter feed today.

Students from across the country were invited to the White House to share their creations -- from marshmallow launchers to robots to 3D-printed widgets -- with the president and others. Some projects also got the Vine treatment.

Nye also hosted a Google+ Hangout on Air from the science fair that you can watch here, or simply watch this nifty little clip below, created through the power of SCIENCE! Oh, and Twitter.