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Bill Murray's best World Series moments

The comedic actor and legendary Cubs' fan was everywhere during this one-of-a-kind World Series, but here are his greatest hits. That's a fact, Jack.

Bill Murray, like all Cubs fans, has been waiting a lifetime for his team to win the World Series.
Ezra Shaw, Getty Images

Watching comedian Bill Murray enjoy his Chicago Cubs' World Series win was a treat -- even for non-baseball fans.

Murray was a constant presence throughout the seven-game series with the Cleveland Indians, perhaps earning the most kudos for handing a random, ticketless fan the opportunity to sit next to him at Game 6.

But once the Cubs finally vanquished their curse and claimed their first title in 108 years, Murray's pure joy made headlines. Here are his three best moments.

1. Murray as interviewer

Should this comedian-movie star thing not work out, Murray could embark on a second career as a sports reporter. He did a pretty promising job interviewing Cubs players and Theo Epstein, president of baseball operations, in the locker room after the most-watched Series game in two decades.

"Is there anyone you want to say hello to that you haven't thought about lately?" he asked Epstein. "Yeah. You," was the response, as the champagne shower commenced.

2. Murray as car tester

World Series MVP Ben Zobrist won a shiny black Camaro convertible from Chevrolet, and when the car was brought out on the field, Murray couldn't resist giving it a little quality testing. He honked the horn over and over, though it appeared that the keys weren't in it, as no sound emerged. Never fear, it was noisy enough.

3. Murray as longtime fan

But perhaps Murray's best moment was purely unscripted and featured no props. It was his reaction as simply a longtime fan who'd finally seen the moment he never thought would come. If a team's ever let you down -- because of a missed catch, flubbed kick or blown lead -- and made you mutter "we'll get 'em next year" and you hoped it was true, you could relate. That's a fact, Jack.