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'Big' debate: Is that Bill Murray or Tom Hanks in the pic?

A 3-year-old photo is going viral. Is that the "Ghostbusters" star, or "Forrest Gump" himself?

A photo posted more than three years ago has suddenly gone viral, and for a weird reason. The photo, posted to the "Reasons My Son Is Crying" Facebook page, is of actor Bill Murray. Or is it?

Posters on Reddit were among the many who noticed that the mugging actor, scrunching up his eyes and mock-crying in imitation of the little boy's wail, was posing in such a way he might just be one of your "Bosom Buddies," or maybe something got "Lost in Translation." Debate over the photo quickly spread across the internet this week, and it became a trending item on social media.

"What I learned from the comments: When Bill Murray is crying, he starts to look like Tom Hanks," Rebecca Huska wrote back in 2013.

And Reddit posters suggested a merger, naming the actor "Bill Hanks," "Till Hanray" and "Bom Hurray," among others.

Mom Laura DiMichele-Ross, who submitted the photo to the page, confirmed it's Murray, writing: "It's totally Bill. I can vouch cause I'm the one in the photo with the massive grin thinking, 'Oh my god this is going to be an awesome photo!'"

But she told the UK-based Guardian newspaper on Wednesday that she doesn't see the resemblance herself.

"I personally don't see the resemblance to Tom Hanks but we've noticed that people have been mentioning it for years," she told the paper. "Although I'm also a huge fan of Tom Hanks, so that would have been awesome as well."