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Bill Gates showcases a Mac on his blog

A photograph on Bill Gates' blog features a Mac and an iPhone, rather than Microsoft devices. Might this be deliberate?

Somehow, the passions of those in love with one gadget rather than another can pale into nonexistence when compared to, say, unemployment or the Giants winning the World Series.

And yet, the minute Bill Gates starts advertising Macs, everyone raises their weapons, ready to fire without discrimination.

It was Business Insider that first revealed that Microsoft's founding brain had featured an image (absent a caption, credit or alt text) of a Mac (and what looks mightily like an iPhone) on his own blog, The Gates Notes.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

For those with a certain kind of humor, seeing this image, directly beneath the line "What's been on my mind lately," might conjure all the precursors for barbs at their emotional opponents.

But given that what has actually been on Gates' mind is "improving college completion in the U.S.," I prefer to think that the use of this image, Mac, iPhone and all, might just have been deliberate.

A deeply optimistic mind (which I have co-opted just for today) might choose to offer that the importance of putting technology into classrooms slightly outweighs any issue over who made that technology.

Some will, no doubt, wish to remember that Gates' wife Melinda recently offered that Apple products were most certainly not allowed in the Gates household.

But perhaps this image on her husband's blog indicates that, these days, as he does important work that might benefit the whole world, he might just be a little above all the fanboy enthusiasms. We are, after all, entering the season of goodwill.