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Bill Gates: These 6 tweets inspired me in 2017

From "Toilet: A Love Story" to the sport of Extreme Reading, the billionaire shares the tweets that gave him hope this past year.

Twitter's been in the news for plenty of negative reasons this year, from its often-criticized efforts to fight harassment to the controversial character-limit expansion. But Bill Gates, of all people, found something positive in the social network, and shared it Wednesday on his blog.

"This year, I decided to share some inspiring tweets that you may have missed," Gates wrote. "They made me feel more optimistic about 2017 and the new year. I hope they make you feel more optimistic too."

Here are the six tweets Gates chose:

1. An inspiring graduate

2. 'Toilet: A Love Story'

3. Vaccination victory

4. Battling hunger

5. Helping others helps you

6. Extreme reading

Gates' final favorite tweet was about "extreme reading," meaning reading in an unusual place or while engaging in another activity. The billionaire couldn't resist sharing a photo of himself engaging in "extreme reading" -- in his case, while smooching a seal.


Bill Gates barely looks up from his book to share a smooch with a seal.

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