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Bill Gates on the future of journalism and more

As promised, the full Q&A between Microsoft's Gates and's Ina Fried is now live, as well as video, a podcast, and more.

As promised, I've posted a pretty complete transcript of my interview on Tuesday with Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates.

As noted earlier, some of his most interesting comments dealt with Yahoo as well as the natural interface options that are planned for Windows 7.

But I was also intrigued by some of his other answers, including something that hits close to home--the future of journalism.

"I hope that readers will be willing to pay subscriptions or watch ads or things that will keep the high quality and breadth of journalism alive and (make it) even better than it is today," Gates said. "In some ways, we have better journalism today... (With) in-depth, certain kinds of journalism...there's still a question of how that gets funded."

And if you really can't get enough, you can watch my video interview or listen to Wednesday's podcast, in which I discuss Gates' speech with's Charlie Cooper. Then you should really get outside, get some fresh air. It's a beautiful day (well, at least here in San Francisco).