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Bill Gates: My kids have never asked for Apple products

In an interview with Fox Business Network, Bill Gates says his kids are very happy with their Windows Phones. So there.

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No, no, no. Fox Business Network Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Kids can be ruthless, contrary human beings.

They see a parent's weakness and they go all "Twilight" on it.

Which is why you have to be firm with them. An example of this was Melinda Gates who declared quite forcefully in 2010 that, while her kids had asked to use Apple products, she had explained that this would be impolitic.

Yet now, in an interview with Fox Business Network, her husband Bill has placed a certain kink upon her tale.

"They never asked," he said. "So I don't know. It would be interesting if they did ask."

I would be the last to speculate whether they asked Mom, with the proviso that she would never, ever tell Dad. Nor would I wish to pronounce on the fact that, in 2009, Mrs. Gates admitted to a touch of iPhone envy.

But here's what is more moving. Speaking in Davos, Switzerland, the Microsoft chairman insisted of his offspring: "They love their Windows phones and they love their Windows PCs."

So there.

I am sure that not one of their friends has ever offered even a mild attempt at humor on this subject. Ever.

Gates discussed many other topics (the Apple revelation is right at the end of the interview), most importantly the philanthropic work he is doing in helping eradicate disease around the world.

However, he seemed a little subdued about Windows 8. "It's off to quite a good start," he said, which didn't seem entirely rousing.