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Big Panasonic plasma gives great value

Excellent picture quality for the money makes the Panasonic TC-PS1 plasma the best value among large-screen flat panels.

Before you comment, keep in mind that this Panasonic plasma is NOT part of a Crave giveaway. This blog post simply highlights the publication of its review.

Plasma has been ceding ground to LCD for years, and the latest patches of territory at risk are screen sizes above 50 inches. Panasonic, both sheriff and principal resident of plasma town, has traditionally ruled the vast-size flat-panel frontier with an iron fist, but with LCDs available in new 55-inch and, lately, 65-inch versions for competitive prices, the company has had to continually make its own big screens more affordable.

The happy result, at least for HDTV shoppers with room to spare, is that larger models can be had for chunks of change that seem small by historical standards. And while the bigger sets in Panasonic's TC-PS1 series plasma might surprise you with their affordability, they also deliver better picture quality than most of their large LCD competition.

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