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Bezos: No drastic changes in store for Kindle

At Amazon's shareholder meeting Tuesday, CEO Jeff Bezos says the Kindle isn't getting a color screen and that the device will remain primarily focused on reading.

Kindle Amazon
There will be no color Kindle anytime soon.

Jeff Bezos does not have iPad envy.

Of if he does, he isn't sharing that with his company's investors. On Tuesday at Amazon's annual shareholder meeting in Seattle, Bezos talked a bit about what to expect and what not to expect from the company's Kindle e-reader in the coming months.

First, he said the Kindle will continue to be a device intended for "serious readers," not a multipurpose device like Apple's iPad, according to The Wall Street Journal.

"There are always ways to do the job better if you are willing to focus in on one arena," he said. But he admitted that "90 percent of households are not serious reading households."

Second, Bezos said that there will be no color Kindle for a while. (It's hard to get those colors to display well in e-ink without a backlight.) Though it would be "easy" to pop a color LCD screen into the Kindle, Bezos says it's not as good of a reading experience as e-ink.

We still don't know how many Kindles Amazon has sold, nor how its e-book business is faring. The company does not disclose those figures. Apple said on May 1 it had sold 1 million of its combination e-reader/Web tablet devices.