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Beyond glitter beards: Great gift ideas for green hipsters

From laptop blackboards to vintage electric cars, there are lots of options for thrilling an environmentally conscious hipster during the holidays.

Beard Baubles
Beard Baubles get your facial hair into the holiday mood.
Beard Baubles

Last year, hipsters ruled the holiday season with facial hair decked out in Beard Baubles, a set of ornaments meant to hang on around your hirsute chin. This year, hipsters once again made a splash with glitter beards, a sparkly off-shoot of the jingle look. The beards may be flashy, but there's a certain subset of hipsterdom that just wants to live in a green, DIY, recycled paradise for the holidays.

Green-tech hipsters can be hard to shop for. They may already make their own furniture and home decor using salvaged barn wood. They already shop at thrift stores for their retro wardrobes. They care about where and how their electronics are made. But don't fear, hipster friend, there are still gifts that will fit in with their lifestyle. (See gallery below.)

My personal way of life has a lot of hipster-green crossover involving skinny jeans, flannel shirts, local produce, Americana music, canning food and vintage-style hats.

If you want to really make a green gift-giving splash, then give your hipster an electric car. A Tesla is cool, but it doesn't really fit with the plaid shirt and skinny-jeans look that crosses lumberjack aesthetics with the sleek flash of '80s New Wave. Instead, build a time machine, go back to the fall of 2015 and put in your bid on a 1905 Woods Queen Victoria Brougham, a 110-year-old electric car. It has burnished wood and more hipster cred than that lady who works the taps at your local craft-beer bar.

What's the soundtrack to a hipster's life? Anything on vinyl. That love of records can extend to personal grooming with a Grably beard comb, a comb made from recycled vinyl albums. It may also help with getting all that glitter out after the holidays.

There are plenty of other greenish gifting options for people who enjoy supporting local farmers, riding fixies and wearing vintage Pendleton shirts. You can give a blackboard that attaches to a laptop, an electric unicycle or a slimmed-down recycled vintage necktie. There's a lot to love about the world of hipsters, so go forth boldly into the holidays, smile through your glitter beard and enjoy making your little corner of the universe a better place to live.