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Beyonce's limited-edition 'B'Phone'

Samsung teams with Sprint for dual-sided music handset.


A burning mystery has finally been solved. It's been seven long months since we first learned of Beyonce's Samsung marketing deal after paparrazi caught her filming a commercial in New York. We knew that she was featuring a mobile phone but couldn't tell which one it was.

But relief came our way this morning when the company announced Beyonce's limited-edition handset (PDF) and released photos of said phone, which intrepid Craver Kent German immediately identified as Samsung's UpStage SPH-M620. The burgendy and gold "B'Phone," as it's been christened, has many standard phone features but, most important for obvious reasons, is a dual-sided device that looks like an MP3 player on the other side.

The phone, which is under exclusive contract with Sprint, has only 70MB of internal memory but does support up to 2GB more on optional MicroSD cards. And given how prolific its namesake is, you'd probably need every bit of that space. Just one suggestion for the marketing folks: It might have been wise to come up with a name that doesn't sound so much like "buffoon."