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Beware the killer laser printer!

Study shows that laser printer emissions may cause serious health problems for office workers.

When you think of workplace injuries, you usually think of factories or construction sites. But a new study out of the Queensland University of Technology in Australia shows that emissions (in the form of toner particles) from some laser printers may be high enough to cause respiratory and heart problems. In fact, the university's Air Quality and Health Program compares the emissions from some models to second-hand cigarette smoke. Printers from HP, Ricoh, Canon, and Toshiba were tested; not all showed high levels of emissions, and results weren't consistent by manufacturer.

So the next time you make that long trek to the laser printer, instead of grumbling about the walk, breath a deep, clean sigh of relief. This printer reviewer, however, is going to request a self-contained oxygen system from the Facilities department.

For more information, check out's article or the one posted on the San Francisco Chronicle's site, SFGate.