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Beware the human pods

There's clearly an ulterior motive behind all this.


Whether it's disguised as a personal spa or an airport nap station, the trend is clear: There's a conspiracy afoot to create human pods.

Until now people might have been lulled into thinking that we actually need these things, letting their natural inclinations get the best of them. But look at the photos accompanying this post, especially the one on the right. How can that be a good thing? Using something called "psychoacoustic stimulation," it's supposedly an advanced sound system and de-stress mechanism "lets the music gently relax your whole body by emitting low-frequency vibrations that induce your brain to stroll through different stages of relaxation," according to BornRich, which adds that the interior is designed to "resemble the comfort of a mother's womb." Talk about creepy.

We know better than to listen to such gibberish, of course, and would like to point out that even its name is suspicious: "Armchair Paradise." Anyone familiar with the Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man" will immediately understand why.