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Beware: Jealous Computers

Nokia N95's latest viral site warns of Jealous Computers which have begun to attack owners of N95s.

Jealous Computers

Beware of JEALOUS COMPUTERS! Apparently they have started to attack (particularly N95 owners)... here you see a few poor victims of a laptop bite and a keyboard to the face. Not pretty. Well Nokia has really gone all out on this viral N95 site... I just wrote up a big piece on this over at NOTCOT, and it was too hilarious, bizarre, and nicely designed not to share with you CNET readers too. Basically they have created a whole series of PSAs, posters, tshirts, and even a mug (well, half mug, and well they have a cool pic, but it seems that the computers at the factory they were meant to be made at started to attack) on the Jealous Computers site, and here's the most interesting part: submit your own attack stories and YouTube videos, and get a free shirt! The mens red says "I survived a jealous computer attack" and the girls pink says "Keep small pets away from jealous computers" - nice motivation to get the viral rolling.

Check out my screenshots and video summary, and experience it for yourself at Jealous Computers.