Betting on Google's next move

Online betting site lets people wager on tech-related matters, like which company Google will acquire next.

People will bet on anything these days. Along with betting on who will win in football games and horse races, a site called is offering risk takers a chance to wager on which company will be the next bought by Google. The best odds, at 3 to 1, are on Facebook. There are 7-to-1 odds that it will be Associated Press and the same odds on CNET Networks, parent company of CNET So far, the loser in terms of odds is Automattic, which created blogging software WordPress. It has odds of 12 to 1.

People can also bet on whether the cheapest AT&T unlimited data plan for the Apple iPhone will be more than, less than or equal to $29.99, and what will happen to the value of Apple's stock on June 29, which is the iPhone's scheduled release date, among other tech-related matters.