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Bette Midler finds worm crawling out of her iPhone

Technically Incorrect: The famous artiste says she dropped her iPhone in the toilet, dried it in rice and then...

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

"Oh, dear Lord. I've got a worm in my iPhone." IdolxMuzic2/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Why do people drop their phones down the toilet? Or do I mean how?

It seems, in so many ways, stunningly avoidable. Unless I have little awareness of how some humans actually perform their ablutions.

I am tortured by these thoughts because of a worm crawling out of Bette Midler's iPhone. Yes, she's sure it was a worm. At least if you believe a series of tweets she offered yesterday and today.

First. she announced: "World gone mad. AND I dropped my phone in the toilet AGAIN!! I should own stock in Carolina Rice."

Wait, she doesn't blow dry, she rices? It seems she does.

For the next tweeted progress report was: "Grains of rice stuck in phone. This may end my @twitter career."

Gosh, that would have been a dry blow to her 671,000 followers. What would they have done without her pithycisms? Still, it seems she chose to rice her phone -- one method that some, at least, recommend to dry a wet phone.

Gloriously, today she continued to tweet and offered this: "Newest on iPhone saga: so I stuck it overnight in this rice I bought and next morning a tiny worm crawled out of the headphone opening!"

You might imagine that Twitter's wags immediately emerged from their holes and into her eyeballs. Yes, people really did suggest it was an earworm.

I would not stoop to such tinny tawdriness. Instead, I contacted Ms. Midler to ask specifically what sort of worm it was and wonder about its welfare. I will update, should she deign to respond.

There will be some concerned about Carolina rice, and wonder about its worm content.

I feel sure, though, that those of a mischievous nature will wonder about an iPhone with a worm inside.

Was she merely holding it wrong, they will say, thereby allowing the worm that's inside all iPhones to creep out? Or was the worm merely one of Apple's rudimentary spying tools?

(Via Business Insider)