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Best of SXSW: Yeasayer

Best of SXSW: Yeasayer

Yeasayer's world/indie style sounds like Paul Simon...if he were a hipster from Brooklyn.

Here's a live shot of Yeasayer at Emo's IV in Austin, Texas late Thursday night (early Friday morning). This is just one of many showcases they're playing this week and despite having an on-the-fly "SWSW style sound check," they sounded amazing.

We've selected them for our Best of SXSW feature, which will feature all of the best (of the best) bands we see this week. For now enjoy our free playlists and SXSW 2008 Pre-Party. Here's the Download Music review of Yeasayer:

"In the pre-Vampire Weekend era (i.e., last month), indie world-rock was getting made most smartly by Brooklyn's Yeasayer. The group combines thumping non-Western rhythms with quite Western (read: hipster) fragile vocals. Impressively, it's NY world-tinged art-rock that doesn't ape David Byrne."

Listen to free tracks by Yeasayer