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Best of CES? Toshiba's press bag

Best of CES so far: the orange backpack

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I know it's only the first day, but I'm prepared to call the Best of CES awards. Top prize among the lucky press-badge holders in the crowd goes to (drumroll, please) the free Toshiba press bag.

See, here's what happens. Every year, we come to CES, and we get a giveaway schwag bag. I've written about this before, and in the past, they've been hideously colored rolly bags, Volkswagen-size messenger bags, or otherwise acceptable bags so plastered with giant logos that they render even the hippest attendee a total trade-show dork. But this year, Toshiba's bags are a monster hit. Stylish orange backpacks with plenty of space for all those cell phones, notebooks, laptops, business cards, pens and Sharpies, press kits, and makeup bags (is that just me?). The logos are relatively subtle, and the bag may actually outlast the HD DVD format that's advertised across the back, so I suggest a nice little patch or some reflective duct tape. The laptop compartment is padded, and there's built-in padding on the back of the bag, including a lumbar cushion. Nice. The cell phone holder on the bag is stretchy enough to accommodate a Treo, and it even comes with chest and waist straps that make it seem hardy enough for a little off-duty rock climbing. But the coup de grace? The front of the bag detaches and becomes a trim little standalone laptop bag. Two bags in one?! See ya later, purse. I'll be the trade-show dork with the logo bag hangin' in the taxi line, thank you very much.