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From 'Westworld' to 'Deadpool': The best TV and movies of 2016

We're optimistically looking back at 2016 and all the great shows and movies it brought us. Join us to forget about this dumpster fire year, won't you?

Hotly-anticipated comic book action with Ryan Reynolds as the fast-talking "merc with a mouth", Wade Wilson. Oscar-winning animator Tim Miller, the man behind the stylish opening sequences of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and "Thor: The Dark World", makes his directorial debut. Very adult carnage ensues.

It's been a...well, a really long year.

But for once, instead of focusing on the terrible and ugly and using our time to complain, we devoted our final Continuity Error of the year to discussing our favorites. From favorite movies and TV shows of the year, to the movies and shows we're looking forward to the most next year, we covered a decent amount of pop culture.

Come, be optimistic with us about what (little) 2016 gave us and listen to the latest Continuity Error podcast.

At the End of the Rainbow (s2e10)

Best TV shows

What debuted this year that we really loved? "Westworld" is, of course, high on our best-of-all-bests list. Netflix's "Stranger Things" is also up there. But, sorry, we are not among the masses who enjoy "This Is Us." If you are, can you convince us why we should watch it?

Here's a list of shows we probably should have gotten into this year. Between the two of us, we may have made it through three.

Turns out, though, a lot of what we fell in love with this year wasn't actually from 2016. Caitlin developed a love affair with "Frasier," and Jeremy discovered "Catastrophe." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We'll catch up with the masses eventually.

Best movies

We went to a *lot* of movies this year (at least Caitlin did). But not all of them were good, or even worth it. Don't get me wrong, we enjoy the act of going to a bad movie, but not when you don't expect it to suck quite so much (thanks, "Suicide Squad").

So what was good? Well, we can agree on "Deadpool" and "Popstar." And if you haven't seen "Zootopia," what're you waiting for? It's currently the No. 1 movie on Rotten Tomatoes for 2016.


2017: A look ahead

There are many reasons to look forward to them, and that's before you even think about movies. "Sherlock" is back for a fourth season immediately on PBS in the US, and "A Series of Unfortunate Events" lands on Netflix in January. DC's "Powerless" on NBC has a start date now (February 2), and "Emerald City" premieres first on the same network (January 6). "The Magicians" and "The Expanse" are back for their second seasons on Syfy before mid-February, as is "Billions" on Showtime.

Suffice to say, we're excited for 2017 -- not (just) because it means an end to 2016 -- when we'll be back with more episodes on season 3 of Continuity Error. Until then, you can subscribe, rate, review and listen to our catalog of hilarity all over the web.

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