Best earbuds for small ears

CNET editors round up a selection of in-ear headphones that should fit small-eared users well. Includes models from Klipsch, Radius, JVC, and more.

Jasmine France Former Editor
Um...ow. Josh Miller/CNET

Anyone who has listened to me on the MP3 Insider podcast, followed me on Twitter (WeirdEaredJas), or even taken the time to peruse the bio below knows I am cursed with absurdly tiny ears. Heck, you can even see for yourself in the multitude of in-ear photos plastered across the headphone reviews on CNET. Happily for me, I am not alone in my deformity (yes, misery does indeed love company).

In fact, many purveyors of portable audio find standard earbuds uncomfortable and can't get many in-ear headphones to fit properly into the ear. It is for my fellow small-eared music-lovers that I have pulled together the following collection of itty-bitty earbuds.

Best earbuds for small ears (photos)

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